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How to Write a Good Essay?

Writing a quality article requires planning, research, effort, and review. By planning ahead and putting the time in, you will be able to write a good article that can yield better grades in school, additional financial returns if you are selling the article, and a general sense of accomplishment that is a reward in and of itself.


Planning and Research


The hard work in writing an article is done in its early stages and involves gathering the information needed for the article composition. When you write a good article you need to summarize the key points that you want to make which often you to research the topic and plan how the flow of the article will go. Develop a thesis that you want to write on and test that thesis by looking at articles that make arguments contrary to your thesis. Doing so will help you to develop stronger arguments that will hold up better in the long run. Planning includes making an outline of what you want to say and listing out the major arguments and supporting facts that you have, for an against your arguments.


Putting the Time in


Once you have a basic outline for your article you will need to craft the article itself by writing out the article. Develop an introduction first and then break up the article into key sections and points for a more logical flow. End with a conclusion that summarizes the points you are making and the thesis that you have reached. A basic structure with clear and well laid out points can provide a great article flow.


Reviewing Your Article


Before submitting spend time reading over your work and rewriting it as needed. You can often find errors when doing so and find ways to improve on the flow of the article when you spend the time to rewrite and reread what you have written.


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